Tuesday, November 11

Music for Nursing

The first in an ongoing series on things we like

In our home, we don't go for Mozart for Infants, nor do we plan to limit the Critter's playlist to sappy crap for kids. There's no need to do either. Here's a list of our favorites for nursing.
  • On the very same day that I decided that it should be the first music that the Critter hears (outside of the womb, anyway), a friend of mine suggested that Bach's Cello Suites are ideal for baby. I especially like Bach in the autumn, and thus for my autumn child.
  • Music for Egon Schiele has haunted me since I first heard it one evening at my then-boyfriend's art studio. (This would be the boyfriend who became my husband.) This music reminds me to write poetry not out of some misguided desire for recognition, but simply in order to make art out of my experience of the world.
  • I prefer the subtle, surging rhythms of Music for Eighteen Musicians to the white noise recommended for calming babies. The Critter seems to like it, too. Good for nursing and for sleep.
  • Music Has the Right to Children—indeed.

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