Wednesday, June 9

Green Smoothies: No Way!

Still ISO ways to get greens into the Critter. As I wrote last week, I thought we'd try some green smoothies (fruit smoothies with some spinach or kale or chard or another leafy green thrown in). After all, the Critter did enjoy quite a few yogurt smoothies with me last summer.
Last summer, post–smoothie enjoyment
But alas, while the Critter watched me make the first of two smoothies this weekend, he shook his head, saying, "No way! No way!" And though we called it "juice" (he loves his morning o.j.), he refused to taste even a drop. I suppose it doesn't help that I didn't much care for them myself; they tasted (and smelled) grassy. I love the smell of a freshly cut lawn, but I've never wanted to drink one. Perhaps we need a better blender?

Other recent failures: split pea soup and mushy peas with goat cheese. Peas from a jar were just about the only food we could more or less reliably get the Critter to eat last year! And cheese is his favorite! But pea soup? No way! Mushy peas with cheese? No way!

We are soliciting some help. To be continued ...


G. Mouth said...

I think greens are hard because they tend to be a tad bitter. Which babies' tongues are notably sensitive to.

I'm trying to think of less bitter greens: snow peas, green beans, zucchini, edamame, okra? all a little sweeter

celery (could be difficult, too hard to chew), bean sprouts (you'd want to steam the to be sure they don't have bacteria, right?), avocado (different mineral content that typical green veggies, might not be what you are going for)

could you mix the greens with sweeter veggies? for example, some finely chopped spinach with sweet potato

raerae said...

Thanks for the suggestions! And you know, I hadn't really been thinking about the fact that the Critter does eat zucchini regularly. And edamame, too. More on this topic to come this week. I'm starting to panic, because our first CSA half share will be arriving in ten days....