Monday, August 3

Correction, maybe?

The picture caption in my most recent post may not have been accurate, in that the Critter may not really have a BATNA relative to his relationship with Beckett and me, because that relationship, unlike marriage, is probably not a negotiation. Probably not, maybe not ... or maybe so??? Again, Mahony's definition of a negotiation is “any situation in which two or more people are interdependent, have some perceived conflict, can use strategic behavior, and have room for agreement.” Let's see. Interdependent? Yep: the Critter sure needs us, and I've written before about how much I (we both!) need him. Perceived conflict? Oh, many: for example, I want the Critter to nap in his crib; he, not so much. Strategic behaviour? Yep: I wield the power of the boobs, for example; the Critter has his overwhelming cuteness on his side. Does he use it strategically? I'm sure. Room for agreement? But of course ...

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